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As a creative guitarist most of time when I pick up the guitar, I write and work on new materials. The very first song of this album was written in seven years ago, but I wrote some when I was touring with Nevermore all around the world, and came up with the last ones recently.

After the unfortunate break up of my band Leander Rising at the end of 2016, the timing seemed perfect to put out this heavy, non-compromised, but diverse record, so I asked some of my friends, amazing people and musicians with whom I got to play, or meet throughout my career, if they'd wanna be the part of it. I wrote all the songs, several lyrics, and also produced, recorded, mixed & mastered it myself.

Heavy grooves, powerful melodies, with a lots of colors, and diversity in between. My last seven years with it's ups and downs, in it's raw, and most honest shape. This is Strength Of Will, this is Blink of an existence.

Follow me on this journey! \,,/

Electrify (feat Bálint Csongor)
My October (feat Barnie from TSO)
H.O.C. (feat Zotya from Ektomorf, Barnie)
Pharao (feat Attila Csihar / Mayhem, Sunn O))), Sinsaenum)
Endless Horizon (feat Jeff Loomis, and Apey)
Bon Voyage (feat Apey)
Menny és Pokol között (feat Örs from AWS)
The Blindfold (feat Dan Sanders)
Insolence (feat Esse from Hatesphere)
Blink of an Existence
bounus track:
Scar VII (feat Chris Amott)

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